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This New Form of Trading Could Change Your Fortune in the Very Near Future.

And I, Karl Dittmann, know this for sure. Once I was where you’re at right now. I was desperate for change. This is why I worked really hard to develop my own winning strategies. But that doesn't mean that the trading tools I am creating are complicated! I really like everything to be as easy as possible. For every trader. No matter the experience level. And that's why, year in and year out, I am getting a ton of amazing testimonials from traders all around the world. My passion to help is what lies at the heart of every trading software I develop.

First of all, it's NOT hard.

In fact, you will be AMAZED at how simple it could be to...

Win Tons Of Trades!

That's because you will do almost NO thinking whatsoever. You won't be struggling to read the charts determining if prices will go up or down.

No. Instead, an algorithm that's been developed by an expert team of programmers and traders will do all that for you. It adapts to any market conditions, gathers and processes information in its so-called "brain" and...



You feel like you can’t get ahead, stuck in the nine-to-five rat race with no end in sight. Making money for someone else who doesn’t care about you or your dreams. Wanting to make a change but not sure how to make it happen. Constantly running up against dead ends and roadblocks every time you try to get something going.

It sucks.

I know, because I used to be in your shoes.

But I’m here to tell you that there is hope. I found a way to unchain myself from my employer’s control and become the master of my own destiny, and I want to share that discovery with you.

That discovery is X Trend Premium

How It Works

Based upon ages of in-depth research, X Trend Premium is a forex indicator that uses an adaptive algorithm working in real-time. It’s a way to earn money easily, safely, and from the comfort of your own home. No more punch cards, no more work schedules, just strong and steady income on your own time.

X Trend Premium is unlike any other indicator on the market. It requires no outside knowledge and utilizes cutting-edge technology that makes trading more accurate, more reliable, and as effortless as possible.




What’s "Forex Spectrum"?

This awesome indicator is made to gain great profit being absolutely easy-to-use.

With "Forex Spectrum" you’ll constantly feel confident whether you’re a newbie in trading or an experienced Forex trader.

It works on all major pairs and M30-D1 timeframes. Three adaptive Take Profit levels clearly depicted and colored corridors on your chart together with other features will assure you to make the right choice.

All you need to do is just choose the trading style you’re comfortable with, and "Forex Spectrum" will notify you when it’s high time to make your splendid trades.

You’re just one step ahead of undreamed-of profitability!






The normal American makes $51,017 every year yet is $225,238 in debt¦ As is commonly said in poker, on the off chance that you've been in the game for 30 minutes and don't have a clue who the sucker is, you're the sucker. 

You never need to be the sucker. 

Suppose you could have back the years you have squandered dating some unacceptable individual; get back the cash you lost on awful ventures; reclaim the lost many years you spent in some unacceptable vocation. 

The best wish of each human is to have their squandered a long time back, however how? 

I asked myself numerous years prior, If there aren't 3 stages to get anything you desire, what number of steps truly are there? What's more, in the event that you can't get achievement short-term, how rapidly can you really make a major change? 

Like the independent extremely rich person Warren Buffett says, You just gain from botches. Yet, they don't need to be your slip-ups. It's quite much simpler to gain from the errors of others. 

Start by asking yourself, would you say you are so amped up for life that you can hardly wait to awaken? Relatively few individuals are.



  • The "67 Steps" Program to The Good Life: I want to shave years off the painful learning curve to find The Good Life and accelerate my goals.
  • Video Archive Vault: I get immediate access to over 100 hours of videos Tai recorded specifically for the Twice-a-Month Coaching Calls where he reveals the key secrets found in the 150 most important books on achieving The Good Life.
  • VIP Membership to Tai's Exclusive Twice-A-Month Live Coaching Calls: I will also get direct access to Tai to get my questions answered.
  • Book-Of-The-Day Premium: I will receive the "Book-Of-The-Day" premium video and audio summaries. Now I am getting his personal library of premium book summaries not available anywhere to the public.
  • Super Bonus Content: I get immediate access to the one-time bonus material including Investment Secrets; Speed Reading Wizardry; Access to the Private Facebook Social Networking Group; and Tai's App List.

What is the Life Coaching Course Certification?


What is the Life Coaching Course Certification?

Today is the day that your life will change.

I know….it’s a powerful statement, but trust me it’s true. 

Now, I realize some of you may be reading this thinking, “I have no idea how to become a life coach and help anyone achieve their dreams. Heck, I'm still in the process of getting my own life together.” 

Don't worry; even if you've never given a single piece of good advice to someone in your life, this program is designed to take you from where you are now to being a master at helping others attain success. 

This Fast Track Life Coaching Certification course consists of 30 videos totaling 10 hours of instruction that is going to enable you to understand and apply exactly what you need to help others take their life to the next level.

The only reason why this may seem difficult or unrealistic for you is that you haven't been exposed to the information already. 

And any time we don't know anything about a particular topic, it can seem overwhelming.

It's nothing more than fear of the unknown. 

The 30 video modules this course contains are all the instructions you need to get certified.

At the end of the course, when you’ve successfully studied all 30 video modules, you will be ready to take the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam with a score of 75% or higher, you will then submit an essay for Dr. Steve to review. The AUNLP will send you a certificate certifying you as a Certified Life Coach, which can proudly display in your office or practice.

And with the tools that I'm going to provide you with, there's no telling how far you can take the coaching business.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the secrets that I will be reviewing in this amazing course:

The Value Creation System – Here you will learn the exact steps needed to make your services so valuable that no one will be able to resist your offer.

Level One Coaching Model – Learn the first steps involved in creating a simple but effective model of coaching that will enable you to help others reach new levels of potential.

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Coaching – Here I’ll show you how to coach those natural-born entrepreneurs who run their own business so they can maximize their profits.

Career Planning and Development Coaching – Learn the difference between coaching those interested in taking their career to next level vs. those who work for themselves and how you can help them get ahead in their profession.

Artistic Creativity Coaching – In this part of the program, you will learn how to help natural-born artists take their talents and abilities to the next level so they can gain the most fulfillment possible.

Identifying The Perfect Candidate – Here you’ll learn how to pick the right type of candidate based on the type of coaching needed to help them excel.

Emotional Mastery – Because emotions are what ultimately drive our behaviors, you will learn how to motivate others to take action by effectively tapping into their emotions and becoming a master of influence..

Goal Setting – Every person needs to set goals to achieve success. Here I’ll show you a simple but effective system for getting anyone to set measurable and realistic goals.

Relationship Development - your ability to build and sustain relationships is ultimately what is going to enable you to be successful as a life coach. In this part of the program, I'll teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about developing powerful relationships with your clients that will last a lifetime.

Communication Tactics - Not everyone processes information the same way and because of that you need to be able to communicate with each client differently. Here I'll share some special techniques that will enable you to understand the best method of communication for each particular client

Assessing Needs - After understanding what your clients' ultimate goals are in life, you will now be able to understand how to accurately assess their needs based on what they want to achieve. It may sound simple but in reality, sometimes people don't even realize their own needs.

The Power of Questions - In this part of the program, you'll learn how to utilize questions to extract the information that you need to take your client to the next level.

Mastering Intuition - within all of us is a voice guiding us in the right direction. Sometimes, however, it can be challenging to see her or trust that voice. Here you'll not only learn to identify your own intuition, but you'll learn how to teach others to identify it as well.

Preparing For The Role - even if you have no idea how a life coach should present him or herself, don't worry, because, in this part of the program, I'll show you exactly what clients expect from a life coach and how to deliver it.

Motivational Tactics – Here, I'll reveal a simple but effective method to instantly inspire and motivate your client to take action and strive for success.

Developing Rapport - sometimes helping a person maximize their potential involves tough conversations. In order to have those conversations, you're going to have to develop the right rapport with your client. In this part of the program, I'll show you exactly how to do that. 

Four Circles of The Coaching Model - In this part of the program, you'll be introduced to the four circles of the coaching model, which will give you a telescopic view of how the whole system works. 

Your First Consultation - Here I'll show you the exact steps to take during your first consultation so that it goes smooth and sets the pace for future coaching sessions. 

Honing Your Approach Technique - In this part of the program, I'll show you how to begin to develop the technique that you will use in your approach to help lead your client to success. 

Overcoming Setbacks - just because you set the direction for your client doesn't necessarily mean that they will never experience challenges and setbacks. It is your ability to overcome those aspects of the game that will ultimately enable you to gain their respect. You'll learn everything you need to know about doing so in this part of the program. 

Program Development - Here you'll learn how to assess your clients' goals and put together a program for them to follow so that their dreams don't fall by the wayside. 

Confronting Hesitation - Not every client is going to be ready to be proactive and take action. Here you'll learn how to get even the most unmotivated person ready to take charge of their life. 

Developing Homework Assignments - Here I'll show you a step-by-step system that will enable you to give your clients homework assignments that will ensure they are staying on track to achieve their goals. 

And much much more!

What is a freight broker?

 What is a freight broker?

Freight brokers help shippers that need to move freight from point A to point B by finding a carrier (trucking company) that will haul the freight for slightly less than the shipper is willing to pay them... thus the term BROKER!

In other words, freight brokers sometimes referred to as load brokers, truck brokers, or transportation brokers, are all middlemen that match available shipper freight with available trucks while earning between 10% and 35% profit per shipment.

That means brokers typically earn between $100 to $500 per shipment but I have earned as much as $5,175 per shipment just for finding a truck to haul our customer's freight!

Now the only question is how many loads do you think you can move per day... 1, 2, 10 or more? Before we get to that.

  • No experience is necessary to get started!
  • Be a part of a $400 billion industry that is growing!
  • Run your business from home!
  • Very low start-up cost!
  • Huge income potential!
  • Brokering doesn't require employees!
  • Do business anywhere in the U.S. Canada or even International!
  • Easy to relocate, all you need is phone, internet and KNOW HOW!
  • You can always sell your business or pass it on to your family!
  • Easy and profitable add-on to existing trucking operations!
  • And much more...


“Forex Triple Hit” is your realized dream that will help you to

make the most cherished desires, bringing really BIG money!

“Forex Triple Hit” System is a unique combination of algorithms developed by my team and me,
which will allow you to move to the next level of trading with highly profitable trades.
It works on all major currency pairs and M15-H1 timeframes.

“Forex Triple Hit” includes:

  1. An oscillator that tracks the largest trends and gives signals to enter & exit trades
  2. Buy & Sell Arrows which simultaneously act as the trend confirmation and show additional entry points within one big trend, allowing you to make money on one price movement more than once
  3. Support & Resistance Levels which represent key junctures where the forces of supply and demand meet, helping to analyze price movements and trade successfully.

 Despite the fact that “Forex Triple Hit” is built on the most complex and unique logical system developed by our best experts, you will be surprised how user-friendly we made its interface. Even a child can understand what needs to be done by looking at the screen. “Forex Triple Hit” is complicated on the inside, but absolutely clear on the outside.

Does it suit newbies? Sure! All you need is to follow BUY/SELL signals shown on the screen and see how your profit grows.

Does it suit experienced traders? Definitely! “Forex Triple Hit” would also work remarkably well for people who are more experienced in Forex trading. Due to the combination of three different tools, you are getting a wide range of possibilities.

So, “Forex Triple Hit” works great for both newbies and experienced traders.




What is the FX Delta 2.0?

FX Delta 2.0 is the powerful and newly iterated version of the FX Delta trading system, a system used every week by hundreds of traders. Employing state-of-the-art Delta Pattern Quality Filters (DPQF), the FX Delta 2.0 autonomously generates high probability trading signals through price action, momentum, volume, and divergence trading fundamentals.

First debuted in 2016, the FX Delta was developed by Yordan Kuzmanov, a veteran forex trader

and leading trader for Traders Academy Club.

Despite the ongoing success of the Forex FX Delta, integrations had to be put into place to improve the functionality, performance and user compatibility of the system. Newly innovated with powerful and intuitive trading features, the FX Delta 2.0 will be here for years to come and will continue to be a trusted trading solution by online traders across the globe.



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